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"This is a beautiful instrument, the minute I heard it I knew I was supposed to have one. I have used it in group situations and also for my own amusement. I am a certified Crystal Therapist and have used it for Chakra Balancing. The feedback from clients has been very positive." ~ Beverley

The Quartzophone L1 and Quartzophone H2 each have eight quartz crystal tubes tuned to 432 Hz. The L1 is set on an acrylic frame while the H2 has a Canadian Birdseye maple wood frame. Both play the same incredible harmonics.

  • Quartzophone L1 Crystal Lyre (acrylic)

    Quartzophone - Acrylic

    The Quartzophone L1 is a unique instrument which creates an unparalleled harmonic that you will find to be soothing, relaxing and meditative. The L1's dynamic tones resonate with all who experience it. Free shipping within the continental US...

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  • Quartzophone H2 Crystal Lyre (wood)

    Quartzophone - Canadian maple wood

    "The Quartzophone is the most beautiful instrument in my collection, without a doubt. As beautiful and pure as its appearance, the sounds are truly magical and ethereal. The depth, purity and clarity of tone are unmatched and the vibrations are both...

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  • Quartzophone Duo

    Quartzophone Duo

    Activating the pure quartz tube of the Quartzophone Duo creates a resonant vibration that amplifies focus, intention and prayer and therefore can have palpable, beneficial effects on both physical and more subtle energy levels. If you wave the...

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The Quartzophone trademark is used with permission from Mine Cristal Inc. Canadian Customers should contact Mine Cristal directly at and Omnivos Therapeutics are an authorized distributor of the Quartzophone Instruments.