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The Quartzphone from Mine Cristal

The crystal harp and crystal lyre were created by Gaudry Normand of Mine Cristal in 2011. These crystalline instruments are lightweight, beautiful, and easy to hold and to play with an enhanced, pure crystalline sound. Now more than ever, you can create a high range of harmonics, filling your space with beautiful overtones.

gaudry.jpgThe Quartzophone instrument is made with pure crystal tubes (99.9% silicon dioxide). They are high-energy sound tools for personal discovery and evolution. The Quartzophones are used by sound therapists, alternative health practitioners and music therapists to harmonize the chakras, balance energies, facilitate meditation, calm the mind and create a blissful peaceful feeling to individuals and groups as well as the surrounding environment.

Made in Canada, each instrument is signed by Gaudry Normand, the inventor. They are also patented.

Omnivos Therapeutics
Based in Massachusetts, Omnivos Therapeutics has been meeting the needs of holistic health practitioners with sound therapy tools since 2004 through it's parent site, Because the Quartzophone instruments are so unique, we felt it deserved its own website. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us or call 877.895.6609 in the USA, 1+ 339-244-1563 outside of North America.

Visit Mine Cristal for more information on Gaudry Normand, creator of the Quartzophone Instruments.