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Quartzophone Compact Crystal Harp 432hz- Cherrywood Frame

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Introducing the New Quartzophone Personal Harp

Smaller, Lighter & Easy to Transport

The newest model, the Quartzophone H3 is a featherlight, 8-tube instrument. Pure quartz tubes are suspended on a lovely cherrywood frame. Tubes are slightly smaller than those on the L1, however, the notes (musical frequencies) are exactly the same! The ergonomic shape of the frame is gracefully arced, which makes it easy to hold and to play the instrument. It also incorporates Mine Cristal's unique, patented mechanisms which give amazing resonance and bring out the full potential of the crystal tubes!

The charming H3 does not need a separate stand: it stands on its own two feet, which are incorporated into the frame. Swivel the feet as needed. The H3 can be played in an upright position, or laid flat on a table with the feet rotated inwards. You can hold it in your arms and play it while moving freely: this creates fascinating sound effects! Included with the H3: striker and carry bag (type: 'insulated thermal bag'). You will also receive an instruction/warranty leaflet. This compact Quartzophone instrument shines in one-on-ones and in cozy gatherings; it is an ideal tool for meditation, therapy and sound energy sessions!

What is the Difference Between the Full Frame and the Personal Harp?

What you will notice is that the Personal Harp is smaller and lighter than the full frame harp and lyre.

  • Because the tubes are smaller, tones created by the Personal Harp are a little less dynamic but it still create the beautiful harmonics you come to expect from Mine Cristal and in smaller spaces excels as an instrument for meditation and healing.
  • The Personal Harp stands on it's own where as the full frame instruments come with a separate stand.
  • The Personal Lyre includes 1 mallet whereas the full frame instruments come with two mallets.
  • This harp may fit in an airplane overhead but you'll need to check with your airline first. Keep the box for use when traveling on a plane. The box is probably not baggage handler proof.

Here is a size comparison between the full frame instuments and the new Personal Harp. The personal harp is in front of the full frame Quartzophone.

quartzophone crystal lyrequartzophone crystal lyre

Playing the Quartzophone H3

No, you do not need to be a musician. Most of those who purchase a Quartzophone H3 are not musicians. The H3 can be played on its own or with other musical instruments including singing bowls, tuning forks or any orchestral or native instruments. Use the H3 for smaller group meditations, alternative healing sessions and spiritual gatherings.

For those with a musical background, the Quartzophone H3 has the eight notes in the octave of the C major scale tuned to 432 Hz. Each tube is perfect pitch (within +- 5 cents), true tone for those familiar with singing bowls. If you are working with alternative health, the H3 works directly with the major chakra centers, root to crown.

Included with Each Quartzophone H3

  • A padded carrier
  • A specially designed reusable transport box
  • One felt-covered round ended striker

About the Mallet

The Quartzophone H3 comes with one felt-covered round ended strikers. This special design creates a pure and powerful tone and prevents unwanted noises like you might get with singing bowls. By simply tapping lightly on the tubes and by gliding the striker over several tubes, the player can easily create a sustained synergy of sound, a “crystal symphony!”

Displaying the Quartzophone H3

The H3 comes with feet that swivel out so this harp can stand easily and quickly on any flat surface.

Service & Support

Once in awhile a tube may break. Sometimes the cat knocks it over, very often though it is the husband. The Quartzophone is designed so that you can easily replace a tube in about 15 minutes. Replacement tubes come directly from Mine Cristal in Quebec usually in 7-10 days. This is important because knockoffs from China and now from Europe require you to send their instrument back for repairs at your expense or, in many cases cannot be repaired at all. Replacing a Quartzophone tube may seem daunting but it is very easy. We encourage you to contact us if you would like us to step you through the process via FaceTime or Zoom.

Technical Specs


The Quartzophone H3 has eight pure quartz tubes (99.9% quartz crystal), tuned to eight pure tones, similar to the white keys on a piano. It is permanently in tune, regardless of the ambient climatic conditions. Guitar keys, guitar strings and special metal pins firmly hold and suspend the pure crystal tubes. This unique structure gives optimal vibration space to the tubes and creates a unique, divine sound!

  • Weight: 2 lb 10 oz / 1.1 k measures
  • Dimensions: 21 x 16” / 54 x 41 cm
  • Frame: Cherrywood
  • Tuned to 432 Hz
  • Eight crystal tubes permanently and perfectly tuned to a diatonic scale in C-major
  • Made in Canada


Traveling with the Quartzophone H3

The Quartzophone H3 comes with a thick padded carrier with foam fittings to secure and protect each tube in transit. The color of the carrier may vary. It is delivered inside a sturdy shipping box with a carry handle which can be reused. If you plan to travel with your H3 we strongly recommend that you travel with the shipping box.

Patented Design & Authenticity

The Quartzophone H3 is a new and unique instrument, protected by utility patents in the USA and many other countries. There are knock offs so to ensure that you order a H3 with the highest quality, be sure the manufacturer is Mine Cristal and the instrument you receive has a design notice similar to the one below.


Your Quartzophone instrument is warranted to be free from any defects in materials and workmanship, for one year from the date of original purchase. This warranty does not cover tubes, strings, accessories, transport damage, accidents, normal wear-and-tear, abrasion, misuse, abuse or neglect, loss of use or other consequential damages. Any alteration voids this warranty. In case of a claim under warranty, Mine Cristal will supply you with parts and instructions. This warranty is limited and does not include any compensation for any loss arising. Our liability will not exceed the purchase price of the instrument.