The Quartzophone Instruments

The Quartzophone Crystal Lyre, Duo and Solo are beautiful crystalline instruments designed to create a high range of harmonics filling your space with beautiful overtones. The result is a very relaxing, serene and meditative experience. The Crystal Lyre is ergonomically designed, curved, lightweight and very easy to hold and play. It is available with an acrylic or wood frame. The Crystal Lyre comes with two mallets and an acrylic display stand. The Lyre can also be laid on a flat surface allowing you to play with both mallets. It has eight tubes tuned in the 432hz scale, low c to high c. The Lyre also comes with a sturdy padded carrier.

The Crystal Duo is a two tube instrument both tuned to F# in the 442hz scale. The Crystal Solo is a single tube instrument also tuned to F#. The Duo and Solo come mounted on an acrylic base with one mallet. They are light weight and can be easily held while playing.

The Crystal Lyre, Duo and Solo ship free within the continental US. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico is only $75.

What others say about the Quartzophone Crystal Lyre

"For a month, I went back and forth to determine if I should purchase. Well, My crystal harp is so beautifully sounding I don’t want to stop playing. It’s pristine sound resonates throughout my body and others in the room. This harp is perfect to play with crystal bowls and chimes. The 432hz sound balances and complements each crystal bowl and enhances the sounds perfectly. I will enjoy as well as anyone receiving a healing session. Great purchase!!" ~ Gwynie, Universe Sings

"The Lyre is the most beautiful instrument in my collection, without a doubt. As beautiful and pure as its appearance, the sounds are truly magical and ethereal The depth, purity and clarity of tone are unmatched and the vibrations are both joyful and serene. This is an essential tool for space clearing and therapeutic work of all genres. Most importantly, it is an invaluable self-healing tool-it induces a meditative state within seconds. It is and remains one of my most treasured possessions." ~ Hilory

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