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Pauline and Gaudry Normand play unique instruments such as Quartzophone® lyra, crystal singing bowls, crystal didgeridoo, etc. In 1994 they gave their first concert; the reception was phenomenal. Since then, they have given more than 1,200 SonoMeditation™ concerts!

Pure intention, lively silence and love are infused into the notes and in between the notes. The unique meditative effect is further enhanced by the use of omnidirectional sounds and pure tones, along with binaural and multinaural beats. The Normands also incorporate many time-honoured musical elements into their music, such as perfect tuning, harmony, melody, rhythm, structure and improvisation.

Over the years, Pauline and Gaudry discovered that how one listens to the music is as important as the music itself. Over 100,000 people have learned the Normand’s method, called SonoMeditation. This art of awakening facilitates deep and rewarding meditative experiences while listening to their music. People consistently report feeling relaxed, refreshed and happy, both during and after a SonoMeditation concert.

A preliminary study using a 32-channel EEG corroborates these experiences. During a SonoMeditation practice, there is a significant increase in both coherence and amplitude of alpha waves, which are characteristic of deep rest, alertness and well-being.

SonoMeditation, introduction to the practice
In a quiet place, sitting with your eyes closed and with our CD playing softly, allow yourself to be charmed by the music. When thoughts arise, gently let your attention be drawn back to the music; simply favour the sound. Meditate five minutes in this way, twice a day and enjoy the life-enhancing benefits. 

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Quartzophone is a registered trademark of Gaudry Normand
SonoMeditation is a trademark of Gaudry Normand



Crystal Didgerdoo
Inner Light
Crystal Symphony
A Joyful Time
Amazing Grace
Quintessential Vibrations
Lotus in the Rain